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Federal Grants

Federal Pell Grant
Funded by the federal government, the Federal Pell Grant is the largest need-based grant designated for undergraduate students working toward a first bachelor's degree. The amount of grant a student is eligible to receive is determined by the cost of attendance, the Expected Family Contribution (EFC), the length of the program of study, and the student's enrollment status. The cost of attendance includes such items as tuition and books and supplies.

The EFC is derived from the information supplied by the student on the FAFSA. Students enrolled in a program of study that is less than 30 weeks per academic year (fall and spring semesters) will receive a prorated Pell award.

For Pell Grant awarding purposes (applicable to college credits), 12 college credits or more per semester is considered full- time enrollment; 9 -11 college credits per semester is considered three-quarter-time enrollment; 6-8 college credits per semester is considered as half-time enrollment; 1-5 college credits per semester is considered as less than half-time enrollment. For Pell Grant awarding purposes (applicable to vocational credits), 15 vocational credits [450 clock hours] per semester is considered as full-time enrollment. The full- time award is prorated for all vocational credits less than 450 clock hours.

The 2013-2014 Pell Grants range from $605 - $5,645 for full-time attendance during an academic year. (For Pell Grant purposes, an academic year consists of 30 weeks during which a student may complete 24 college credits or 30 vocational credits [900 clock hours].
For more information please visit the Federal Department of Education website.

Federal  Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
Funded by the Federal Government, this need-based grant is designated for undergraduate students working toward a first bachelor’s degree. Eligibility is based on exceptional financial need. The maximum grant per semester at Daytona State is $150. Funds are limited.
For more information, please visit the FSEOG website.

Federal  Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant
Funded by the Federal Government, this grant is  for undergraduate students in the B.S. in Education degree in a high need field such as Bilingual Education and English Language Acquisition, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Reading Specialist, Science, Special Education, and other identified teacher shortage areas.  Students must have at least a 3.25 cumulative grade point average. The maximum grant per year is up to $3,760 for full-time attendance.  In exchange for receiving a TEACH Grant, the student must agree to serve as a full-time teacher in a high -need field in a public or private elementary or secondary school that serves low-income students.  The student must teach for at least four academic years within eight calendar years of completing the program of student for which he/she received a TEACH Grant.  If the student fails to complete this service obligation, all amounts of TEACH Grants that were received will be converted to a Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan.  The student must then repay this loan to the U.S. Department of Education.  The student will be charged interest from the date the grant was disbursed.
For more information, please visit the website.

Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Higher Education Grants
Funded by the U.S. BIA. These funds are available to students pursuing the AA degree who demonstrate need. Eligible students must be a member of, or at least one-quarter degree Indian Blood descendent of a member of, a federally recognized American Indian tribe that is served by BIA.
For more information contact BIA at 202-208-3710 .

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