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Award Disbursement

Eligible financial aid recipients may register for classes and charge tuition and fees against the scholarship or grant amount indicated on the financial aid award notice for the applicable semester. If the scholarship or grant is more than the total amount of tuition and fees, the remainder may be used for other educational expenses. A refund for the remainder of the award(s) will not be available until at least one week after the add/drop period has passed andenrollment verification has been completed each semester. If, after receiving a refund, a student’s class is cancelled or changed to an audit or the student is dropped from a class, the student will owe back a portion of the refund applicable to the change in enrollment.

For additional information regarding financial aid, please review the Financial Aid Award and Disbursement Guide.   Please review for additional information about the Financial Aid Award Status Codes on FalconNet.

Refunds are delivered to students by utilizing the Daytona StateOneCard. Each registered Daytona State student will receive a Daytona StateOneCard. The card will arrive in the mail at the student’s primary address on file with the College. To receive the refund, the student must activate the Daytona StateOneCard. During card activation, the student chooses how to receive the refund money.

The options for receiving financial aid refunds include: a direct deposit to the student’s Daytona StateOneCard; or a deposit to the student’s bank of choice.

Students activate the Daytona StateOneCard and make the refund selection online at

Please Note: Institutional fee waivers are issued for tuition only and may not be used for other educational expenses. Any funds not used as tuition will not be refunded to the student. A Federal Work-Study award cannot be used to charge fees.

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