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Students may schedule an initial appointment with a counselor by phone (506-3038), by visiting the counseling office, or college personnel may refer them. During an initial appointment, the counselor will obtain background information and listen to the student’s concerns. In some cases, the initial meeting may be enough to help the student address and resolve the issue. The counselor will determine how best to follow up beyond this initial, confidential meeting.


Students may also walk in for counseling services on a first-come, first served basis.  Counseling Services takes a collaborative approach and work with students, faculty, college departments, and staff to assist students with their academic, career counseling, and personal success.

Counseling Approach:

Counseling Services offer a three level approach to counseling and crisis intervention.

Through the collaborative of the three levels approach Counseling Services at Daytona State College, has been able to support faculty and staff at the college so that students are able to deal with their situations, students will stay focus, and students will continue to achieve their goals

Last Updated: 8/28/13