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Florida's Other Severe Weather Season

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Tornadoes might be the last thing you'd expect in February, March or April in Florida. 

Yet, historically, Florida's strongest and therefore dangerous tornadoes occur during these months.

In the past 20 years, Florida had more reported tornadoes and unfortunately more tornado-related deaths than Oklahoma, Nebraska or Iowa. Officially, Florida ranks third nationally in tornado reports (trailing only Texas and Kansas) and fourth in tornado deaths since 1990.

A Tornado Watch means that you should closely monitor the weather and be prepared to go to a safe place in the event of a tornado warning. A Watch is a ‘heads-up’. It means pay attention. Make sure you know where to go for shelter if you need to make a rapid decision. Be sure you have a way to be alerted or awakened if a warning is issued.  

A Tornado Warning means that a tornado has been sighted or has been picked up on radar in your area. A Warning means take cover now! The threat is ongoing or is forecast to strike soon! Get in, and get down! This means that you need to take shelter immediately in a safe sturdy structure. At Daytona State College Campus Safety, we refer to this as Shelter In Place – In the event that it is necessary, due to a tornado or other dangerous weather, to shelter in place, observe these guidelines, known by the acronym DUCK. 

More information about tornado hazards and what you can do to protect yourself and others can be found at or at

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