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Crime Reporting & Awareness

crime tapeStudent and Employee Education
All students and employees of the campus community are to report criminal acts known to them. The proper procedure for everyone in the event of any concern is to contact Campus Safety by calling 386-506-4444, or stopping by Building 540 on the Daytona Beach Campus.

In the event of immediate threat, danger, injury or criminal occurrence, you may also call the local authorities by dialing 911 (or 9-911 if applicable).

thumbprintLocal Law Enforcement
Daytona State enjoys an excellent working relationship with the local law enforcement agencies. During the course of any problem, the responding Campus Safety officer will obtain the information necessary to make a complete report for campus files. It is Daytona State policy to report all felonies occurring on campus to the appropriate law enforcement agency. Felonies occurring off campus and reported to Campus Safety will be reported at the victim's request. Campus Safety personnel are not police officers and are not empowered as such. The protective means used are restricting campus access and use to only those authorized students, staff, and visitors for reasonable and safe purposes.


Precautionary Measures
The inspection and maintenance of locks, doors, windows, lights and alarms are coordinated with the Physical Plant Department.

Periodic classes and seminars are conducted on a variety of subjects designed to increase student and employee awareness of safety and security.

When necessary, written and telephonic precautionary announcements are sent to all faculty and staff with instructions to pass on to students.

The Co-Curricular Activities and the Campus Safety departments coordinate extra-curricular educational workshops in the following areas: Drug and Alcohol Abuse - emphasis is placed on preventive measures rather than intervention and treatment, however, the college does refer students/employees to various treatment facilities; HIV/AIDS - emphasis is on the latest facts and methods to reduce risk of contracting aids; Campus Safety; Rape Awareness, Date Rape, Acquaintance Rape, Other Sex Offenses and Victim's Awareness.

Sex Offenses & Misconduct
Allegations of on-campus sex offenses will be reported to the appropriate authorities and also investigated as violations of college policy. Violations of college policy are referred to the appropriate administrator for disciplinary proceedings.

Victims of off-campus sex offenses will at their request be referred to the Police, Rape Crises Center, Victim's Advocate's Office or the Daytona State's Counseling Center.

Students will be advised of their right to notify proper law enforcement authorities, the importance of preserving evidence, their right to change academic situations if reasonably available, and college personnel will assist the student if assistance is requested.

Incidents involving a Disciplinary Hearing will result in: Unfounded-Not Guilty; Warning; Reprimand; Probation; Loss of Privileges; Restitution; Suspension or Expulsion from Daytona State. During all phases of the disciplinary process, the accused and accuser are permitted to have others present with them.

Timely Warnings
In the event a situation arises, that, in the judgment of the Director of Campus Safety, constitutes an ongoing or continuing threat, a campus wide timely warning will be issued.

Campus Sex Crime Prevention Act
Information on registered sex offenders in the State of Florida may be obtained from any local law enforcement agency or by accessing the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's Sexual Offenders/Predators Search System.

All calls will be investigated.

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