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Sexual Misconduct (Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Stalking)

Sexual Misconduct includes domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.  Daytona State College prohibits any sexual misconduct at any College location or College-sponsored event. 


We strongly encourage you to report the incident to police and Campus Safety. This is entirely your choice. In order for the College to effectively deal with sexual misconduct, it is vital that these incidents be reported to the Campus Safety and/or law enforcement. Often, victims of sexual misconduct feel embarrassed, guilty, or fear retaliation or possible humiliation. These are normal emotions. Know that law enforcement and the College can guide you to professional victim support resources that can help you deal with these emotions. Please also keep in mind that reporting is not the same thing as prosecution. Prosecution can be determined later. If you decide not to notify law enforcement, please secure medical attention and contact any of the victim support resources listed in this guide.  To learn more about reporting a crime, visit our Reporting Crime page.

You are also encouraged to pursue an injunction for protection order with court officials. If you choose to pursue this option, list Daytona State College as a restricted location and provide a copy to the Campus Safety Office on any campus location. The college will comply with all court-ordered injunctions (restraining orders) that involve Daytona State College.

Campus Security Authorities

Certain campus officials have the qualification of "Campus Security Authority" ("CSA") under federal guidelines, and are trained in taking reports of crime. These include but are not limited to: academic club advisors, Athletics Department coaches and managers, Student Services managers, Judicial Affairs officers, Human Resources representatives, and College administrators (e.g. directors, deans, vice presidents). While we strongly encourage you to make a report with Campus Safety, you may make a report of sexual misconduct to any Campus Security Authority, for example, if you feel uncomfortable talking with a Campus Safety officer. For more information on Campus Security Authorities at Daytona State College, visit our Campus Security Authorities page.

Survivors' Rights

As a victim of a sexual misconduct, know that you have rights.  For more about the rights of victims, visit our Survivors' Rights page.

Resources for Survivors

If you are a victim of a sexual assault, we strongly encourage you to seek the help and resources that are available both on campus and in the community.  To find out about these resources, visit our Resources for Survivors page.

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