Athletic Training Education Program

An Associate of Arts Transfer Degree Program
Suggested Courses

(Credit Hours) Course
Fall I
(3) ENC 1101 College Composition
(3) MAC 1105 College Algebra
(4) BSC 1010C General Biology I
(3) PET 2084 Personal Health & Wellness
(3) PET 2621 Principles of Athletic Training

Spring I
(3) ENC 1102 Literature and Composition
(3) MAC 1114 College Trigonometry
OR (3) MAC1140 Precalculus
(3) PSY 1012 General Psychology
(3) HSC 2400 First Aid, Responding to Emergencies
(3) History & Global Core Course

Summer I
(3) Political, Economic, and Business Core Course

Fall II
(4) BSC 1085C & L Human Anatomy and Physiology I & Lab
(3) SPC 2608 Oral Communication/Research/Presentation Skills
(3) HUN 1201 Human Nutrition
(3) STA 2023 Elementary Statistics

Spring II
(4) BSC 1086C & L Human Anatomy and Physiology II & Lab
(3) PET 2622 Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries
(4) PHY 1053C & L College Physics & Physics Lab
(3) Humanities, Cultural and Aesthetic Core Course

This is a suggested sequence; courses do NOT have to be taken in this order.
Please see an academic advisor to ensure that you meet all other AA degree requirements.

For more information or to apply to the program, contact Kim Csabi at 386-506-3989, Bldg 310 Rm 249,, or visit our

Four-year athletic training program prerequisites may vary. Students are advised to refer to the catalog of the college/university program into which they plan to transfer to ensure all prerequisites are met.