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Fire Fighter (Limited Access Program)
Program Information
Vocational Certificate - Code 1156/1056 - Catalog 2012/2013
Louie Mercer, Assistant Chair, 386-506-4201
Teresa Campbell, Senior Staff Assistant, 386-506-4203
07/23/2012 M - 1193

Program Mission, Description, and Outcomes Mission:
To provide quality academic job training for students in this discipline.

This program prepares students with the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to safely and dependably perform fire-rescue duties during emergency and non-emergency response situations. Students learn the tasks, duties, and responsibilities of a firefighter in accordance with NFPA Standard 1001 and Florida State Statute 633. This program is a contiguous program, in which Firefighter I and Firefighter II are offered in a series. Students desiring to obtain a State of Florida Certificate of Compliance (Firefighter II) must successfully complete the series (398 contiguous hours). They may then participate in the written and practical examinations administered by the state. This certification is required for employment as a firefighter. Job titles: Volunteer Firefighter, Career Firefighter.

The Fire Fighter vocational certificate program is certified through the Florida State Fire College.

Graduates of the program will be able to:
1. Identify, analyze, and respond to problem situations involving civil rights, firefighting, and legal issues.
2. Show competence in written and oral communications.
3. Successfully complete state licensure requirements.
4. Integrate the knowledge and skills obtained during the Fire Fighter vocational certificate program into their specialized career field.

Note: The length of this program makes it ineligible for federal and state financial aid.

Approximate Additional Costs Program Tuition and Fees: $1,114*
Access Fee: $105 ($7.90 per credit)
Assessment Fee: $30
Lab Fees: FFP0010 - $300 (includes liability insurance); FFP0020 - $275
First Responder (if applicable): $150
Fire in the Field DVD: $75
Uniforms, Books and Supplies: $300
Personal Protective Equipment/Bunker Gear Rental: $650
Physical Examination: $120
State Application/Fingerprint Fee: $90

*In-state tuition only; out-of-state tuition will be higher.

Additional Admission Requirements - Must apply for admission to Daytona State College.

- Must take TABE - students need one attempt of test (minimum of 8.0 in each of the three sections) to enter the course and must have 10.0 in each section to exit the course.

- Must complete fire academy application - available in Fire Science Department office in March for May (Summer) class, in June for August (Fall) class, and in October for January (Spring) class.

- Must have physical examination.

- Must be 18 years of age before completion of the course.

- Must have a standard high school diploma or a GED.

- Must not currently be on probation.

- Must have no felony convictions within the past four years.

- Must successfully complete a state-mandated criminal background check.

- Must complete a physical skills assessment (Agility Test) prior to acceptance into the course.

- Must complete the Fire Academy Orientation.

- Must order classroom uniforms.

- Must rent firefighter bunker gear.

- Must purchase textbooks and classroom supplies/materials.

- Must register for the course and pay tuition and lab fees.

- Must follow the rules and regulations outlined in the course Student Handbook, as well as those of the Daytona State College Student Handbook.

- Must not have used tobacco products (cigarettes, snuff, chewing tobacco, etc.) for one year prior to employment at a fire service agency.

Program Specific Courses
Course Title    
FFP0010 Firefighter I   6.87
FFP0020 Firefighter II   6.40 Pre-Reqs: FFP0010

Sample Program of Study
Course Title    
FFP0010 Firefighter I   6.87
FFP0020 Firefighter II   6.40 Pre-Reqs: FFP0010
TOTAL  VOC HRS.   13.27

Note: Sequence of courses may vary. Check catalog course descriptions for requisite requirements.

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