Course Title: Survey in Mathematics

Course Description:
This course is designed to motivate students and to illustrate the relevance of mathematics in everyday life. The objective of this course is not to focus on algebraic manipulation, but rather on the understanding and interpretation of real world applications. Topics include a review of the basic operations of real numbers, sets, linear functions, systems of linear equations, linear programming, introduction to probability and statistics, interest and annuities, and geometry. (Prerequisite: Appropriate placement scores, successful completion of college prep course or qualified developmental exemption or passed MAT 0028/0028L with grade "B" or better or permission of chairperson.) FA, SP, SU

Pre-Reqs: STA2023 OR MAC2233 OR MAC2313 OR MAC2312 OR MAC2311 OR MAC1114 OR MAC1140 OR MAC1105 OR MAT0028 OR MAT0022

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