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School of Student Life Skills

Department Introduction

School of Student Life Skills

In keeping with Daytona State College's mission, the School of Student Life Skills serves incoming and returning students of all skill levels and backgrounds. It meets this objective by developing new ways of thinking and teaching, cultivating personal responsibility, fostering respect for self and the diverse community, and encouraging academic achievement and opportunity.

Why do students take Student Life Skills courses?

There are a variety courses that can give you a strong foundation to apply 21st century skills. We help you build and improve your academic skills and abilities as a student, skills you can carry forward into the workforce. Our courses help you become a better 'you'.

Managing Your Success (SLS1122)

New Requirement for Fall 2015

Managing Your Success will teach you how to navigate through college, learn about yourself and develop lifelong skills. It will help you become aware of the skills and expectations in college and the workplace, and give you the opportunity to get some hands-on experience with commonly used tools and services that can help you along the way. You will become familiar with Daytona State College as a whole and learn how to take advantage of the available resources, including the college's technology. This course will give you a great orientation and overview of how to make the most of your time at DSC and preparing for your success in all of your future classes.

The course covers:

  • College expectations and resources - the College Catalog, Student Handbook and all of the academic and student development departments that help to support you;
  • Academic and personal skills - effectively using the Learning Commons Services (Academic Support Center, Library and Writing Center), motivation, goal setting, time management, financial literacy, stress management and more;
  • Technology - using the student portal, Falcon Online course navigation, basic Word and PowerPoint skills;
  • Academic and career planning - developing a strong understanding of individual major/degree goals and how to prepare for the world of work.

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What kind of experience will you have?

The course is highly interactive and engaging. You should expect to get hands-on experience with the content, applying the ideas to practical and meaningful real-life situations. You should expect to be active and involved.

What are the benefits of taking Managing Your Success?

You will be able to use the skills you learn in Managing Your Success long after completing the course. You will be much more prepared for all other courses you take at DSC.

  • You will learn how to create better personal strategies for effectively managing your time and tasks, and have a strong foundational set of technology skills that will help you focus on the content of your future courses, not how to use the technology related to the course.
  • You will walk away with a better understanding of each of the free resources DSC provides to help you succeed such as tutoring and supplemental instruction.
  • You also will learn about how to prepare financially for the future, whether through financial aid, scholarships or simple money management and budgeting.

If that isn't enough to convince you...

According to a Florida Department of Education report, the SLS1122: Teaches students test-taking skills, study skills, time management, and financial management, and is having a positive impact on all students who successfully complete it. Upon examining the content of the course, one might assume this course would be most beneficial for students requiring developmental education. However, through further analysis presented it can be seen that the Student Life Skills course is beneficial to all students regardless of their preparation for college. (Taking Student Life Skills Course Increases Academic Success, 2006)

We have other courses too!

SLS2281 - Diversity, Culture and Communication - In this ever-changing global society we live in, it is important to understand the best way to build interpersonal skills and understanding of those different than ourselves to reach our goals and work effectively with each other. This course provides the opportunity for you to explore, become aware and engage in conversations that bridge those gaps and build relationships.

SLS2301 - Career Development - Many of us are either undecided about a major, a career or are interested in many different options, but just can't make that choice. Career Development is a great course for someone who wants the 'big picture' of the entire process, from understanding yourself, researching educational and professional options to preparing to enter the workforce.

SLS2303 - Job Search and Employability Skills - You may need targeted help in preparing for the world of work such as ways to search for employment options, creating a resume or cover letter and making the best impression during an interview. This course focuses specifically on getting you ready to make the best presentation of yourself for the job openings you are interested in pursuing.

SLS2304 - Career Exploration - You may be confused about what major or degree to follow or even what careers and professions seem like real options for you. This course focuses specifically on helping you create a plan and a path to make a decision about a major, a program and a career.

SLS2505 - Critical Thinking - We all want to become better problem-solvers and decision makers. To make that happen, we need to think critically and this course can help build those skills. This course will give you real-life examples and applications of those skills to common, everyday problems and issues in school, work and your personal life.

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